Každý den jóga I

Ideální cvičení pro každého, kdo chce protáhnout své tělo, uklidnit večer mysl a odpočinout si od každodenního shonu. Jógová praxe ve stylu hatha – ásana, práce s dechem (pranayama) a relaxace. Spojení těchto tří elementů tvoří harmonické cvičení, díky kterému na chvíli zapomenete na okolní svět. Každá lekce je trochu jiná, dle roční doby, nálady a energie ve skupině… ale struktura lekce je vždy zachována.


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Jana lives in a family farmhouse no.9 in Lhota, where she moved to from her birth city Prague. Living in Lhota, the right place to be when you wish to live in alignment with nature, allows Jana to be truly connected to her daughter. It also brings her closer to two activities that make her life fulfilled. The first one is in the direct connection to the farmhouse where she is growing, harvesting and creatively utilizing herbs & garden fruits. You can most likely meet her either at the summer lake Lhota mixing delicious refreshing herb drinks or at the local markets selling her tasty bio produce. As Jana feels like a fish in the water by doing any kind of physical exercise, the second activity which she really loves is yoga. She has been practicing it for more than 10 years. “I perceive Yoga as a complete system where you can explore your body, spirit & mind.” – says Jana. She specializes in so-called asanas, the correct physical positioning and in the breathing exercises alike, which is undoubtedly even more empowering. She believes in the healing power of Ashtanga yoga. And what else brings happiness to her life? Live music and dance, reading books, fresh & healthy food, hiking and last but not least her close friends. Jana loves her family and she is thankful that they understand and support her on her yoga and herbs journey...